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Fast Facts... about our products and our company.

Vacquetta Leather
Imperial Leather
Care and Cleaning
Warranty Information
David King & Co.
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Vacquetta Leather...

Our soft, rich, Colombian Vacquetta Leather displays all the character provided by nature, making each piece unique. Our tanning process locks in natural oils, producing a soft, durable hand that won't crack or become brittle with normal use. Occasional maintenence with a high-quality conditioner may extend performance.

Imperial Leather...

Imperial is our finest leather. Through a special tanning process, we've managed to develop a bold, tough leather with a delicate hand but durable finish. This leather will hold up to weather and temprature extremes very well, and should provide years of dependable service.

Care and Cleaning...

Your new leather bag requires little maintenance. It's customary to allow your bag to show its age and use by achieving a rich patina over its lifetime. However, if it should become soiled or spotted or rained on, and you're not happy with its looks, you can improve the situation by following these simple instructions.
  1. Spot clean any soiled areas with a damp cloth, blotting over and over until you get as much of the grime off as possible.
  2. Take a clean, damp cloth and wipe down the entire bag until it matches the tone of the spot-cleaned areas
  3. Allow all surfaces to dry thoroughly before use

Other cleaners You may, from time to time, decide to apply a leather enricher or leather protector. While we don't believe you need these products under normal use and conditions, you may think otherwise, so be sure to follow the instructions with the product you purchase. There are many types on the market, but all will leave a temporary chemical smell on the leather for a time. They will also darken the leather. If you buy a black bag to begin with, you'll experience less darkening than you would with a lighter, tan colored bag. These products may also change the quality of the leather, making it more shiny, or slick as they fill the pores of the leather with oils or waxes.

Warranty Information...

We have built our reputation on supplying our customers with the highest quality products and then standing behind them. Our leather bags are made to provide everyday service, and to look good doing it. We support our Vacquetta Leather items with a guarantee that, for a period of six months, these bags will be free of defects in workmanship or materials. If you have a problem with your bag in that time period, simply phone us, and we'll provide instructions on where to send the bag for evaluation. We'll either repair or replace it at our discretion.

While we wish all our customers would receive their bag in perfect condition, damage caused by common carrier does ocassionally happen. Damage caused by common carrier is, by law, the responsibility of the carrier, and should be reported immediately to the carrier for settlement of any damages. Likewise, damage caused by airlines should be reported to the offending airline immediately for settlement of any repair or replacement costs.

David King & Company...

David King and Company was founded in the 1970's. We have become the largest importer of South American leather in the US. Our corporate offices and our primary shipping/receiving facilities are located in Boston's historic leather district, on Beach Street, across from South Station. We have a basement level outlet store at that location as well. We also have an office in New York, which is open by appointment only. Since we opened our doors, our company has provided the nation's leading leather retailers with high-quality, high-value products at a reasonable price.

Becoming a dealer...

David King and Company is one of the easiest leather companies to work with in the industry. We have developed long-standing relationships in the luggage and leather goods industry- most of our early customers are still with us today. If you'd like to become a David King dealer, please contact our offices in Boston. We'd be happy to provide you with the appropriate paperwork to get started.

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